Our company was founded in 2009 on the purpose of presenting the sectoral experience of our professional team with its new understanding in manufacturing. Our personnel, that took turn in the marketing and manufacturing portfolios of the most potential and dynamical companies of Turkey, merged under the name of VERA PROJECT DESIGNING MACHINERY AND ENGINEERING for proceeding its way with its different vision in the principles of quality and service.

For its wet painting and electrostatic powder coating facilities VERA PROJE finds solutions in accordance with the requirements and purposes of the customer starting from the stage of projecting and designing, and till the stage of MANUFACTURING AND INSTALLATION.

Our company, which exists by using its own sources, succeeds in different domestic and overseas projects with its reliable commercial and financial structure.

The basis of success of VERA PROJE was built upon the full customer satisfaction and solutions, which can be embodied according to the total quality management of the customer’s requirements by keeping up with the technology.

The common point, that unites our professional R&D team, manufacturing units, working in accordance to the international norms and standards, test units, endowed with all kinds of technological bases and developed devices, national sales department with its regional distributors, project department, supplying a wide range of products, export department, fulfilling large overseas projects and technical service department, providing service both in Turkey and abroad – is to meet the customer satisfaction and to render these customer-manufacturer relationships to a continuous and persistent.